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Membership Includes:

4 online LIVE monthly sessions (replays will be available)

1. Flexible, Agile & Mobile YOU!- 1st Tuesdays, 4p EST, one hour


Lower back pain often results from movement limitations in the ankles, hips and/or thoracic spine. While an unregulated nervous system is a root cause of muscle tension and tightness.

This class features movements, exercises, stretches, somatic practices and breath work to increase your flexibility, range of motion and mobility in the ankles, hips and thoracic spine, releasing tension in the back and torso.

2. Strength & Energy- 2nd or 3rd Saturdays, 10a EST, half hour


This class features strength training for your legs, arms and core- increasing your strength, muscle tone and energy levels.

3. Happy Knees- 3rd Tuesdays, 5p EST, one hour


This class strengthens key muscles and improves your body's alignment to support having pain-free knees.

4. Nurture Call- 4th Thursdays, 5p EST, one hour


Group coaching for nutrition support, releasing damaging habits and nervous system regulation.

3 Bonus Member Perks:

  • 1st dibs on small group master classes

  • 10% discount on 1:1 personal training

  • Access to "little black book" of curated and vetted wellness resources


Membership Investment: $97/month | No contract | Can cancel anytime

To enroll or ask questions, email

(For individual attention, there's a fitness class size limit of 12, so act quick to secure your spot).

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"Nurturing, with no evolution or transformation is stagnation, which leaves us bloated, complacent and bored." - Rudolph Ballentine

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