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Time to Play! Fun Outdoor Workouts

When summer comes, you may not want to head to the gym to work out. You want to enjoy the outdoors, socialize with friends or simply be travelling. Don’t shortchange your workouts, just take them outdoors! With so many fun activities to do, there’s no excuse to falling off the workout wagon. So ready, set, Go Out and PLAY!

Group Bike Rides

If you like to bike, how about an outdoor group bike ride? Gather your own bike-riding folks together or attend a bike club event in your area. One that I've personally rode with is Brooklyn- based Good Company Bike Club. Born during the pandemic, this community offers Black riders an opportunity to bike together, fellowship and patronize Black-owned establishments during rest stops. They offer rides of varying lengths and levels of difficulty, while venturing to cool destinations with banging beats in the midst. The vibes of this bike club is definitely GOOD, fun and inclusive and they go above and beyond to keep their riders safe.

Row Your Boat

Rowing on a piece of gym equipment is one thing. Rowing on an actual river is another! Look for local outdoor rowing that offers classes for beginner or seasoned rowers. You’ll be getting a total body workout that will test your cardio and strength. All under a refreshing sea breeze. For safety reasons, you do need to know how to swim and be able to lift 30 pounds over your head. Interested?

Beach Bums

While at the beach, keep it moving! Of course, swimming in the ocean is an excellent all-around workout. But if you swim against the current, you’ll be burning even more calories. How about learning how to surf? A quick search online will reveal surfing lessons at your local beach. Or, be like a child and jump the waves. You’ll be working your leg muscles and challenging your core as you try to balance. Walking or running in loose, deep sand burns a lot more calories than if you were doing it on a flat, stable surface. And, grab some people for a game of beach volleyball. The running, jumping and ball striking will burn approximately 500 calories an hour.

Play Dates

The park has plenty of opportunities to work out in nature. Go to the park’s jungle gym for pull ups, dips and other creative calisthenics. The regular park “heads” will definitely inspire you. If you have a TRX suspension trainer, secure it to a pole or sturdy tree and work every muscle in your body. Can you catch? Take the Frisbee to the park with a friend. If you run, jump and squat to catch the Frisbee you’d be surprised of the workout you’ll get. Or, grab 2 friends and a long rope for double dutch. You’ll be having so much fun, the time and calories burned will just fly by.

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